Founded in 2015, JFL REALTY was born from an insight into a segment that had long been consolidated in foreign markets and until then non-existent in Brazilian soil – the multifamily property. The development and management of residential assets for income-focused properties for rent. 

Since then, the multifamily sector became the fundamental thesis of JFL REALTY, which subsequently created jfl living. A unique concept culminating; excellence in services, sophistication, and luxury present throughout all its real estate assets.  All of which enhances the JFL identity as an exclusive supplier of the growing demand for this type of residential service in Brazil.  

JFL REALTY led the unexploited pathway of the multifamily segment in Brazil and is now known as its undisputed leader. All of which were obtained by the guidance of a proficient team highly experienced in real estate and financial segments. The culmination of precise execution and rigorous market analysis resulted in JFL REALTY now encompassing a highly regarded portfolio under management that includes more than 600 units located in the noblest areas of the city of São Paulo. 

JFL REALTY also manages private equity investments on the outskirts of São Paulo and in Bossa Nova Sotheby’s. 

 JFL REALTY reaffirms its leadership and commitment to creating, developing, and making thoughtful investments in the Brazilian real estate market at a competitive cost. 


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